Learn to Become a Property Tax Appeal Consultant – A Recession-Proof Business

So, you want to start a new consulting business, one where you can help client’s save money on their property taxes.

If you want to dispute your own taxes first, then this training course I will be introducing you to, would be a perfect fit for you.

You can learn how to lower your or a client’s property tax.

Though, you are most likely an American citizen reading this post, I do think you can learn from my experience so, please bear with me as I tell you a bit about what I have experienced with overstated Property Tax Assessments… along with an experience I went through with my OWN over-assessed property taxes a few years ago.

This way you will know that I am qualified to speak to you about this topic.

Back in the 1980s, I became a certified property appraiser in Ontario, Canada.

That is when I first learned of the different types of appraisals needed on properties; one such appraisal being for a tax assessment purpose.

Then in early 2000, our city hired a cookie-cutter agency with appraisers who literally sat in an office somewhere in Toronto, Ontario and assessed properties that are located in the city of Oshawa (20 minutes east of Toronto), all without visiting the properties they appraised.

That sort of appraisal was NEVER considered legal when I became certified as a Property Appraiser.

Needless to say, they over estimated my property’s value by over $30,000 back then. This was a VERY expensive mistake and too expensive to not dispute.

So, I had to submit forms in order to dispute their assessment, all to save me future costly increases in my property taxes.

Appeal Inaccurate Property Tax Business

Though, I was no longer working as a property appraiser by 2000, (those jobs became scarcely necessary, given that cookie-cutter agency opening up in Toronto), I knew enough to FIND a local property appraiser, and get an independent appraisal for taxation done on my property, to prove my property as being over-assessed.

Sadly, my dispute entailed playing “politics” with the Oshawa taxation office.

Though this gentleman agreed with the appraisal, once he arrived at my home to discuss my dispute.

BUT, in order for the man to be able to save face from such a horrifically costly mistake, he insisted that he would only reduce the true value of my home by $20,000.

Though I could keep fighting if I wanted to, I got the feeling that he’d make life more difficult for me if I did. Letting it go at a $20,000 still saved me hundreds in taxes that I should not have to pay.

Am guessing there must have been some sort of financial penalty if the appraisals were ever proven to be out of wack by a certain sum of money.

And, in my case it MUST have been that he was allowed a $20,000 mistake but not a $30,000 mistake.

I still have my paperwork from that dispute to this day, as I was very upset with how our city is now assessing our properties for taxes.

Talk about outsourcing… WOW!

I wonder now if this agency in Toronto is outsourcing appraisals to be done by those in the Philippines and/or India, given that most technical support in Canada is being handled by people in those two countries.

Now, to get back to your learning to become a property tax consultant…

This course that I’m here to introduce you too is inexpensive enough and worth while taking, if you want to work from home. Imagine, having happy clients.

Apparently, in the United States, properties are being over-assessed by as much a 40 to 60%, AND, it is said that you won’t find much competition for a consulting business in most areas, either.

Knowing that Canada usually follows procedures that are first implemented within the USA (or other countries), I’m betting your cities are outsourcing appraisals for tax assessments too.

Did you know that over 95% of people have no idea how to determine if they are being overcharged on their real estate property taxes?

Appeal Inaccurate Property Tax Business - Helping Over-Assessed Victims

There really is a lot of opportunity here to help out.

The property taxing authorities do not want ANYONE to get too curious about the value they place on a house and property.

That would only create extra work for them.

PLUS, they don’t want anyone to appeal their taxes either.

From my understanding, the tax assessor is usually a political appointment, so why would they go out of their way to encourage extra work for themselves.

Besides, since less than two percent of the population actually ever appeal their taxes in most parts of the country, why should they bother to rock the boat?

Go ahead, and check your town or city to see if what I’ve told you is true or not. Bets you’ll soon discover that your town or city ALSO outsources the appraisals done for tax assessments.

One single, greatest savings that are at a client’s disposal today, is the potential savings on their property taxes.

So, why not help them challenge their assessment so that they won’t have to pay extra money year after year. You’ll be their hero, I’m sure.

But before we go any further, it behooves me to inform you that if you use my links here that ultimately, I may earn enough money to buy a couple of cups of coffee. That said, feel free to continue…

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In this course, you will learn how to hold those property tax assessors accountable to your clients, and your clients will be raving about your service.

In turn, their raving will provide you with lots more potential clients through word of mouth. Which, as I’m sure that you may already be aware of, most local businesses depend on getting new clients through word of mouth.

Yes, of course marketing is important too. But most times, marketing is more of a means of PROVING your business, once potential clients search for information about you and your services.

The Property Tax Consulting Course that I am referring to here, even goes so far as to provide you with an IRON CLAD, 56-Day, money back guarantee!

This gives you nearly two full months to go over all that is offered inside the course, and if you are not happy with what is being taught, just return everything and you will get your money back immediately… NO questions asked.

There appears to be 6 packages inside the training.

Property Tax Consultant Kit - George Evers

PKG #1 – a ready to use presentation format for every property tax appeal.

These are in PDF format and you can download them as they are generic templates that you can use in organizing your information for presenting in a dispute.

PKG #2 – contains per-written forms, letters and customer contracts that you will need to use in your new consulting business.

PKG #3 – a marketing plan that will show you the ins and outs of making your property tax appeal business work, from setting up to marketing.

PKG #4 – updates included for life so that you can keep up with the latest research and property tax appeal advice.

PKG #5 – a 110-page, eBook sharing persuasive tactics and sales copy to use.

PKG #6 – a 136-page, persuasive sales letter and copywriting course to show you the power of words that can make you wealthy.

Becoming a property tax appeal consultant is a recession-proof business. The worst the economy gets, the more prized this service becomes. Plus… you can work from home, meaning NO MORE commuting.

So, if you want to start a new business or simply need to supplement your income, here’s an opportunity to start a legitimate home-based business that is sure to make you LOTS of money, with less effort than your present j.o.b. brings you.

Signing up for this course, you will share in the secrets, and the tools to help homeowners reduce their property taxes. It really isn’t rocket science. With focus, you can become a property tax appeal consultant within 45 days.

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There is another side of this tax appeal consulting business that you may consider getting into that you could definitely count on; Appealing commercial businesses property taxes.

In these cases, an appeal is urgent otherwise that property tax does not change!

Just like residential properties, if one doesn’t appeal, then nothing changes.

Unlike residential real estate, which is based on a Market Value Method approach (and experts say that 40% or more, are over-assessed), business properties are assessed using an Income Method approach.

And now, lots of businesses income have been devastated, given that COVID-19 has hurt so many businesses… keep reading.

Depending on the business’ overall net, your fees could be huge.

So, if a multi-family apartment has fewer renters paying their rent, a strip mall with fewer tenants, a gym, a bar or a restaurant with fewer customer, etc., …because of less income for a given business, appeal is urgent otherwise the property tax won’t change.

Few business owners are familiar with this appeal process, and unless you’re a huge business, there is little competition and few will be knocking on their doors as Property Tax Consultants.

Many business owners will be caught off-guard when they don’t appeal.

So, unless this pandemic comes to an end (and the coming depression averted), there will be an opportunity to help those business owners that may find themselves caught in this dilemma.

As a work from home business, you could reach out to those businesses that are economically suffering, and help them to ease their financial burden.

Because of the corona virus pandemic that acts like a catalyst knocking down valuations of so many different businesses, there will obviously be many cases needing a reassessment.

And, property tax consultants are few, and a property tax system requires an appeal, otherwise change will not happen.

As far as the methods for determining value and furnishing reliable evidence to support those conclusions, that’s what the course is all about.

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Be sure you get George Ever’s FREE eBook Report PLUS his Adjustment Category Worksheet that you will be wanting if you do sign up for this course.

For his free eBook, you will need to scroll to near the bottom of his landing page.

I do hope that you have found how important it can be to learn to become a property tax appeal consultant.

Should you have any questions, please do leave me a comment below.

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