Is WP Traffic Up for Real or Can it Really Help You Make More Money?

Mark Hess claims that he has 100% proven results that WP Traffic Up works great for all of his sales pages, squeeze pages, landing pages, and blogs.

Hess also states that this is an easy way to get more subscribers on your list, as he built a list of 1,170 using WP Traffic Up on one of his sites and 936 on another site.

He goes on professing that he has made thousands of dollars in extra sales using WP Traffic Up, and he guarantees this to work for you too.

Claims are made that you can use it to get sign-ups for webinars using this too… that all you need to do is copy your sign-up page link and paste it into a box, click save and you’re done.

Use it for your replay too, if you want, as this too Hess says, is great for evergreen webinars too.

Hess says this is one of the easiest methods you will ever use, as it doesn’t matter what level of experience you have when it comes to technical stuff in WordPress.

He states that absolutely anyone can use it and make more money.

My review of this product will cover the following topics:

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What is WP Traffic Up?

Program Name: WP Traffic Up


Price: $24.95 US funds + 1 upsell

Recommended? Yes


Mark Hess and Michael Thomas claim to be the developers or WP Traffic Up, which is a WordPress plugin.

Hess claims that you can use this plugin for the following:

  • Add to sales pages – as they’ve done this and made thousands of extra sales with their own websites.

  • Add to squeeze pages – you could even use your affiliate links and make more commissions when someone is about to leave your site.

  • Add to landing pages – you could use this to provide your bonus pages.

  • Add to blog posts – you could use this plugin to get more subscribers to your website.

And, Hess claims this is one of the easiest plugins that you will ever use, and that absolutely anyone can use this and make more money.

The video on their landing page clearly demonstrated using WP Traffic UP so that you can see for yourself what having this plugin installed and setup on your website will look like.

Hess claims that this is a great way to prevent your wasting traffic to your website, as it gives your visitors a second chance to take action should they not take action on the first visit.

You are also provided with a 30-day money back guarantee that if you are unhappy with WP Traffic Up for ANY reason, all you have to do is submit a ticket to their help desk and your refund will be granted. Easy-peasy.

How WP Traffic Up Actually Works

Looking at your WordPress Dashboard, under Settings, you will find WP Traffic Up listed. Clicking on that will bring you to the WP Traffic Up Settings page where you will need to add your license.

Their upsell offered more animations which, if you purchased, you will also need to add your license for THAT too.

Scrolling further down the settings page, you can find the options that allows you to Enable site-wide. I choose not to do that as I would find this annoying if I were visiting a site that had this on EVERY post and page.

screen print of WP Traffic Up Settings

As you can see in the screen print below, you have options as to the Animation you want to use. This screen print only shows the animation options that come with the standard WP Traffic UP plugin.

screen print of list of the standard Animations

There is another option other than using this plugin site-wide as shown under your WP Dashboard > Settings > WP Traffic Up Settings, and that is to be used if you are NOT check marking the Enable site-wide option.

Instead, you can fill in the WP Traffic Up area that appears below the Edit window of your WordPress posts and/or pages as seen in the image below.

screen print of the Edit window that appears below EACH post and/or page that can be used

Next, you can see for yourself in the animated image below this, the WP Traffic Up animation in action when trying to leave one of my reviews that I have posted on this website.

animated graphic of WP Traffic Up working


Easy to setup (and I prefer this animation as opposed to a pop-up offering a free eBook for my email address).

This plugin does improve your visitor’s attention, thus reduce bounce rate, though only moderately at first.


Could not find any.

Is WP Traffic Up for Real?

thumb pointing up in approval

Yes, WP Traffic Up is for real and I DO recommend it.

Like I have already stated, I prefer the option of providing my website visitors with MORE information that they may find useful, rather than present them with a popup form asking for an email address in exchange for an eBook.

Too many website visitors tend to leave an email address they seldom (if ever) use.

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Thanks for joining me here today, and I do hope that you enjoyed my review regarding is WP Traffic Up for real.

Should you have ANY questions… or even if you only want to add to the conversation here, I do hope you will feel free to leave me a comment below.

Comments are always responded to in a timely manner.

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