Is YouTube Secrets for Real or Can You Enjoy Monthly Payments from YouTube?

Mike Williams tells you to imagine receiving a regular monthly payment straight into your bank account from YouTube, spending only thirty minutes a week doing something which he calls, great fun.

Then he says he thought it was too good to be true until it happened to him, as he claims that he receives an average of $10,000 a month, paid directly into his bank account, as regular as clockwork, by YouTube.

Williams goes on to say that the best part is that he doesn’t have to mess around shooting videos.

He claims that YouTube allows him to plunder their massive stocks of certain types of video and use any of the footage that he likes, to make new videos.

And, he claims, this is child’s play to do because YouTube has an amazing video editor on their website, complete with free music for your new video.

Now, he claims this is great fun, and according to Williams, this makes sense because the more videos YouTube has the more advertising they can show and the more money they can make, which is how you get paid.

Because the videos carry paid advertising which you receive a portion of what the advertisers have to pay.

With the video and video editing software both being free, Williams claims that the commissions you earn would then be all yours to keep. And that you can start today with no experience or technical knowledge needed.

My review of this product will cover the following:

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What is YouTube Secrets?

a screen print of's Thank You web page

Program Name: YouTube Secrets


Price: $27 US funds ($1 US funds 7-day trial) + 1 downsell + 1 upsell

Recommended? NO


Mike Williams claims that he has been very careful to pace this program so that it is perfect for beginners as well as more experienced folks.

He goes on to say that whether you are a total YouTube rookie and want to zoom straight to YouTube gold from your start… or, maybe you are an experienced operator wanting to improve your results… you can quickly discover for yourself how profitable and fun his training is.

Williams goes on to offer you an instant 7-day trial to all of his secret, step by step video tutorials to guarantee your success… even private, unlimited, one on one consultation with him, in which he personally will hold you by the hand to make sure that you make money with his system.

He even claims that he personally mentors everyone that joins making spots limited, and so he urges you to start now to start making money with YouTube today.

He claims to have “cracked the code” to making money effortlessly on YouTube and Williams promises to show you EXACTLY how he makes over $10,000 per month spending only a few minutes of work each week, promising you that there is NO filming nor technical knowledge needed.

How YouTube Secrets Actually Works

screen print of's membership web page

The Step-by-step video tutorials intrigued me in that the narrator was willing to share as much detail as he did… though he coughed a LOT through each and every video no matter how short they were.

However, once I got to the third video that was stated to be just over 27 minutes in length, the audio stop working just past 5 minutes into the video, right up to the end… which, I have to say I found to be a big disappointment.

Then later in this training module, I found more issues in 3 other videos.

Titles of the training are as follows:

  1. Welcome to Making Money on YouTube
  2. Video Editing Introductions
  3. YouTube Video Editor How To (no audio after 5 minutes)
  4. Adding Ad Free music if you want to monetize (audio silence for 59 seconds)
  5. Advanced YouTube Settings
  6. Advanced Search
  7. Creative Commons (video no longer viewable after 3:08 minutes)
  8. Descriptions are very important (no audio at all!)
  9. Do not keyword spam
  10. How to add your description
  11. Importance of Thumbnails
  12. Do not duplicate
  13. How to calculate earnings
  14. View Statistical Data
  15. SocialBlade
  16. VidIQ
  17. Apply techniques to current videos
  18. Get your videos seen – Importance of thumbnails
  19. More Views More Money
  20. Message to subscribers
  21. Adding an Ending to your videos to get more subscribers
  22. Annotations
  24. How to write a description
  25. Keyword Search with VidIQ
  26. How to monetize a successful channel
  27. Channel Settings Setup
  28. Can you make money on YouTube?
  29. Age Restrictions equals no pay
  30. How to setup your account to receive monetization
  31. Live Streaming

The third video (with no audio after 5 minutes) is the ONLY video that was THAT long. Most of these videos are anywhere from 2 minutes to 10 minutes in length.

Ebooks and Bonuses consisted of 9 eBooks of which many that had dates are older, and most (if not all) were offered as freebies by the authors.

Social Media Secret Tutorials is a collection with the videos which were created by James Burchill from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada back in what appears to have been 2014.

  1. Introduction and Opportunity Overview
  2. The 7 steps to successfully duplicating my social media profit process
  3. Why clients will gladly pay you hundreds if not thousands of dollars each month
  4. The money proof discussion
  5. The monthly process and procedures (part 1)
  6. The monthly process and procedures (part 2)
  7. 36 Ways to Fail in SMM
  8. How and where to find contractors
  9. The content you create
  10. 6 Secret Source Ideas
  11. Sample Client Updates (in Hootsuite format)
  12. My lead generation strategy
  13. The 99 dollar solution
  14. Email List Building Explained
  15. If you were the answer…
  16. The technical benefits of SMM
  17. Easy upsells for hundreds more
  18. CC Matrix
  19. The engagement matrix (bonus)
  20. Demystifying Social Media – TV Interview (URL in YouTube)
  21. Bulk scheduling sample – Excel spreadsheet (video missing)
  22. Hootsuite Rules
  23. BONUS Shameless Self Promotional Information (video missing)

YouTube Secrets Ebook – 64 pages with large print so that it is easy to read.

Tools and Resources provide a list of 20 online tools and/or websites to help you create your videos.

Tips and Tricks offer short videos which average anywhere from 6 to 10 minutes, in length in which the first 7 were created by for what appears to have been their YouTube channel.

  1. How to Infuse Growth into your YouTube Channel
  2. How to Never Have your Channel Take Down
  3. How to Make it EASY for People to Love Your Videos
  4. How To Never Run Out of New Video Ideas
  5. 7 Steps to Launching a New YouTube Channel
  6. How To Make Money on Fiverr as a YouTube
  7. How To Grown with 0 Views and 0 Subscribers
  8. 69 HACKS How To Grow a Successful YouTube Channel (only 44 hacks!)
  9. How To Get Your First 100 Subscribers In Just 1 Week
  10. How To Get Your First 1000 Subscribers FAST!
  11. Youtube Tutorial – How to Grow a Successful Channel


Though this training MIGHT be good for beginners, I would think that most experienced YouTubers would prefer training that is more inclusive and up-to-date.


There were far too many defective and missing videos, as well as missing attached documents for which promises were made within the videos would be included.

Most of the training appears to be well over 5 years old, and some things mentioned in the Social Media Secrets (example: Google+) no longer exists.

The one on one consultation promised did not exist for me. In trying to use the vendor’s support forms on his website, the forms did not work.

When I sent an email to the support email address shown to me on the vendor’s thank you web page, the 6 separate emails I sent detailing the issues with his videos remained unanswered.

After days with no response received, I contacted Clickbank to make sure that my next payment was stopped as I have no wish to continue with this website.

Is YouTube Secrets for Real?

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

I’m sure that YouTube Secrets website started off meaning well but with what now appears to be a neglected website and no real support for their training, I can NOT recommend YouTube Secrets.

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If you have any questions regarding whether YouTube Secrets is for real, or if you just want to add information to the conversation, I do hope you will seriously consider leaving me a comment below as I respond very quickly to all comments.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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