Is Starting from Zero for Real or Can You Discover the 5 Step Framework Used to go from Zero to Selling Over $31 Million in Products

Fred Lam asks you if you would like a book that has a proven system that he developed over the last 13 years to generate tens of millions of dollars online.

He claims that inside his book is the exact system step by step, and tutorials that allowed his students to go from nothing to making over 30 million dollars in sales.

Lam states that he has 5 millionaires, over 30 six figure earners… all because of the things that you are about to learn inside his brand-new book titled Starting from Zero.

And today, you can actually have access to the audio version and the digital version.

In his book is the exact system that allowed a drop out student to become a millionaire… that allowed a grandmother that has zero tech knowledge to become a millionaire.

It has helped an x-military personal that was serving the country, to now become a millionaire.

It has helped an x-policeman in law enforcement to now become a six-figure earner.

Lam claims they have had amazing results all thanks to the system that he developed inside his book and it is called the 5 step system.

He also claims that this book is unlike anything that you actually read.

This [his book], Lam states, is not based on theories, it is not based on just flops.

It is actually a lot of actionable items tutorials that you can instantly apply and start building a business starting from nothing.

My review will cover the following:

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What is Starting From Zero?

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Program Name: Starting From Zero


Price: $1.99 US funds

Recommended? NO


Fred Lam states that he challenges you that for less than $100 you can have a really profitable business up and running and he says that he documents it all inside his book.

He claims that he sells this book on Amazon for $19.99, but you have the opportunity to get this book at this low price, and that you need to act on this fast.

Then Lam says that you might be wondering why he doesn’t simply give his book away for free. He says it is because he wants you to be serious and he needs you to have ‘skin in the game’.

Lam goes on to say that if he were to just hand you this book, by the end of the day you won’t have actually done anything with it, simply because you have ‘no skin in the game’.

So, for this low price you are being given a blueprint that generates tens or millions of dollars, step by step… even if you have no technical knowledge or marketing experience, you can get a business up and running and potentially generate your first sale online even if you have never done so.

Apparently, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki wrote the forward to Lam’s book Starting From Zero.

Lams claims that even the most influential entrepreneur wrote a forward to his book so you will know that the stuff inside is serious information and that you can actually get the right education to become a successful entrepreneur.

For a very limited time, Lam states that you can get the audio book and the digital book for just a $1.99, and he says that he can guarantee you that this money will be the best investment you will ever make today and for your future.

Lam says you can skip that cup of coffee, eliminate that bag of chips and you can have access to information on building a profitable business, even if you have no technical knowledge or marketing skills.

He says to not miss out on this if you want a side income, a passive income or turn this into a full-time income, just like many of his students have done.

He encourages you to take action because the things you are about to learn inside this book are actionable items, step by step that allows you, just like his students, to build a really successful online business.

How Starting From Zero Actually Works

screen print of membership area for Starting From Zero

The audio book is 7 hours, 41 minutes and 31 seconds in length and Lam’s eBook is a PDF file containing 208 pages, of which it is nice to have both open so that you can follow along using the PDF copy while listening to Lam read out loud the information contained in his eBook.

Fred Lam informs his readers that inventory arbitrage is replacing retail brick and mortar stores, and he claims that he can show you how to setup your very own online business using his method.

One of his secrets is that he will teach you not to sell things like everyday groceries or diapers, as those things are based on need.

Apparently, when you sell based on need you can never create a highly profitable business, as such a business would be restricted by the following:

  • The cost of living
  • The amount of goods a customer actually needs, and
  • Changes in the economy

Nowadays, people tend to buy based on their wants rather than their needs, and all luxury items are based on wants.

Lam teaches you to find and sell products that people are buying based on their wants, and the key is to buy these items for a low price and sell them at a high price.

If you can find a low supplied product and product that is in high demand then you are nearly guaranteed to make an insane profit right from your start.

He claims that you can be a mom or dad who wants to work from home and start an eCommerce store in a snap of your fingers, and because your online store is open 24/7, you don’t even have to be awake to make sales.

Lam states that when you combine eCommerce, mobile eCommerce and social media commerce you will have a profitable business while minimizing your overhead costs.

Provided in the 3rd chapter of Lam’s eBook, is the step-by-step method that will show you the precise strategies you need to do in creating an eCommerce website and start taking advantage of the opportunities offered.

Even Lam states that the critical key to your success is in finding a niche that you are passionate about.

He goes on to say that he has observed many different businesses, even his own which did not revolve around passion, and those businesses did not last long, as they could not stand the test of time.

In fact, Lam goes on to say, “a business that is not based on your own passion will collapse in a very short time because you will not be committed to it over the long term.

You won’t want to waste your energy or time on it.”

He goes on to say, “Even if that business is generating a profit, you will gradually get bored with it, and eventually you will not want to deal with it anymore.

In order for you to have a life-long, sustainable business, you need to find something you are absolutely passionate about not just something random that you think will sell.”


Lam includes a Shopify tutorial, as this is the eCommerce platform he recommends using, because apparently security is their number 1 best feature.

Two of the best free Shopify themes are recommended for beginners to start using in setting up their eCommerce site.

Lam warns his readers to NOT use Google search images which I feel that advice alone is worth a lot more than the cost of his eBook.

There are STILL far too many website owners thinking they won’t get caught using other’s images when that is the farthest from the truth given the new technology of image recognition software that a major law firm in the States uses to track down abusers infringing on copyrighted images.

The necessity of an About Us page and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is explained in detail by Lam, and I feel that website owners really do need to pay attention to this good advice too.

Lam suggest only 4 Shopify APPs that you will need to begin, and he explains in detail why.


Lam tells his readers that he can show you how you can get your eCommerce website up and running for only $100. However, I truly feel his pricing is a tad understated.

And, though Lam does suggest that you will need to seek out a legal and a tax consultant (great advice!) the cost of doing this is NOT included in his $100 claim to get your eCommerce website up and running.

Some information provided in his eBook is not accurately stated. An example of this is Lam’s following statement: “WordPress is a target for many hackers.

Even a novice hacker can breach WordPress sites with relative ease.”

If that were true, every WordPress website online would be suffering from being hacked; some of which are free to use.

There are ways of protecting WordPress sites from hackers, so in my opinion, causing his readers to fear using WordPress is not very admirable.

Though I will admit that using WordPress for eCommerce, even I would never recommend doing that simply due to your customer’s information that MUST be protected properly.

In fairness to WordPress, this CMS (Content Management System) was never intended to be used in doing eCommerce, and should NEVER be recommended for this type of use for the reason I have already stated.

Lam suggests the following: “Yes, you will ask for your customers’ consent to send promotional emails to them.

Make sure you have both Show a sign-up at checkout and Preselect the sign-up option checked.”

Forcing your customers to say they want future communications by email, is considered illegal in Canada.

On page 91 of Lam’s eBook, there is an invitation that you can simply click on.

It invites you to a webinar in which you will learn for yourself that following this eBook will cost you a lot more than the $100 promise Lam made to you in getting you started.

In fact in that webinar, Lam clearly states that his team can do this system for you for just under $3,000 by providing you with software to create a successful eCommerce website, just like the one he teaches his readers how to create in his eBook.

Then, he goes on to assure you that if you don’t buy his offer, then operating an eCommerce website will cost you a LOT more than the cost of his services.

WOW… that was a disappointing eye-opener for me, to say the least!

As far as I can tell, Lam’s “inventory arbitrage” is simply a new spin on the old label known as drop shipping.

Is Starting From Zero for Real?

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

I do believe that Starting From Zero is for real alright.

However, I do not feel the information is worth the cost of the eBook, not the time to read/listen to it, as feel that it is more of a very lengthily advertisement than a sincere lesson in helping you get a new business started.

Due to readers being mislead to believe they can setup an eCommerce store for as little as $100 US funds, and then flat out contradicting himself in his webinar that you are invited to attend on page 91 of his eBook, I can NOT recommend Starting From Zero.

Here’s How You Really Can Make Money Online

It is very true that the cost of entry for a start-up business is at an all time low, regardless of your chosen niche. So, you can rest assured you really can make money online without spending a fortune to do it.

What I am about to share with you here will cost you NOTHING… zero… to join as a member, and for you to start taking the training so that you can learn to build your own successful, online business.

The training platform that I am referring to, I have been a member of since 2016 and I am ever soooo thankful to the person who introduced me to this offer.

As a member of this training platform you can simply log in to a virtual classroom from the comfort of your own home, and start to follow along in the training at your own speed.

That luxury alone can save you traveling costs, and having to dress for a classroom environment.

Obviously, the more knowledge you acquire, the more successful you can be in the long run. Where alternatively, if you do not embrace learning you will never be successful.

This training platform will even help you discover your passion so that you can easily decide what your business should be about, so that you can start to build your online business straight away.

Focusing on a specific market (known as a niche), a very narrow market has been proven to work best, creating an advantage for you.

When you create a business that you are passionate about, you know exactly what your website visitors are interested in… and this information is crucial when developing your new business.

A focused business allows you to develop a relationship with your customers.

You need to remember that everyone who buys from your business is a real person.

By establishing a relationship with your website visitors, you will soon discover they will buy from you.

You cannot make a decision if you do not have all of the facts.

That is why I created my guide to help you by providing you with as much information as I possibly can regarding this training platform that I am referring to.

So, be sure to take advantage of it.

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However, even if you are surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and multiple opportunities which IS what this training platform offers its members… the training will be worthless if you do not execute the steps within the lessons you are taught.

You need to be prepared to focus on the FREE training offer once you sign up as a member, and then apply what you learn as you learn it.

This is how you will become successful as an online business owner.

Without the following:

  • Opportunity
  • Knowledge
  • Execution

…you cannot create a successful business.

No matter what business you choose, it is important to gain as much knowledge as you can.

This means learning how to build an online business efficiently.

The training platform that I am referring to will provide you with every tool you will need to make this happen.

While it might seem overwhelming to imagine right now, you can become a profitable businessperson simply by joining as a member now and following the training, without deviating from what you are taught.

Now, I am NOT going to guarantee you that you are going to start making a six, seven or even eight figure income yearly.

But… what I will guarantee you is that when you take each and every step provided to you in the complete training on this platform, you CAN become a highly successful entrepreneur.

The owners of this platform provide free members FREE access for 7 whole days to the complete first level of the training.

Yes, they are that sure that you will experience for yourself just how priceless this platform is to all of their members.

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Should you have any questions regarding is Starting from Zero for real, I look forward to reading your comment below this.

All comments are responded to in a timely manner.

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