How to Become a Livestream Event Producer

Give a child a good computer nowadays, and even THEY could become a Livestream Event Producer with the proper training.

Yes, this opportunity is that easy to learn.

It’s no secret that the recent shifts in our world of work have now created opportunities for growth as well as change.

For those of you who are ready to seize this new opportunity to not only provide yourself with an income but also a means for you to be able to help your local business owners to keep their business, I bring you a new career opportunity as a Livestream Event Producer.

This is an opportunity that even the shiest of people could perform, as it won’t be you out there in front of the camera, but the business owners; Thus, the title Livestream Event Producer.

Not only that but you can become this type of producer right from the comfort of your very own home. So, you won’t need to be concerned about social distancing or commuting.

If you’re thinking this wouldn’t work during a pandemic, have I got a surprise for you. Yes, it WILL work and it works WONDERS.

This unique service that you can now be offering your local businesses could easily have their profits tripled by the year’s end.

Wouldn’t you become an authority in your neighbourhood for helping your local businesses profit like that?

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There truly are a lot of business owners who are literally overwhelmed when it comes to this method and they have no idea how to do this.

And, NO… for those of you who think you could get RICH doing this… you’d best be thinking again.

This method will provide you with a means of HELPING local businesses STAY in business.

You could easily make a profit by helping enough local business owners but you certainly will NOT make millions.

Not even close.

Oh… and before I continue, this is a moral and ethical way that you can make money online. This method uses the Internet + Social Media + eCommerce enabling survival of those who are the most competent.

The once super expensive tools and technology that exists today can now be obtained at a much lower cost.

And, along with this system makes it possible for many business owner to remain profitable in this new marketplace that the pandemic has introduced the world to.

Okay, so now you’re curious as to what this method is, right?

Well, have you heard of QVC …or how about HSN?

Correct, they are American TV networks that are apparently well known for creating new brands virtually overnight.

Some examples are:

  • OxiClean – an American brand of household cleaners.
  • Flex Seal – real liquid rubber in a spray can.
  • Scrub Daddy – a cleaning tool company best known for a sponge they make.

The method I am referring to will allow YOU to increase sales in a similar way for your average everyday small business online.

And, this makes it possible for them to NOT have to compete with the infomercial network giants of the world.

image of business owner selling product live online
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Some students of this method that I would like to introduce you to have even gone so far as to ask the instructor if that once the lockdowns come to an end, won’t local businesses want to stop using this system.

His answer is, NO… that the clients he is working with apparently see this method as a “must-have” addition to their business.

Before I go any further, I need to make myself clear with the following disclosure.

Disclosure: I am grateful to be of service and to bring you content FREE of charge. In order to do this, please note that when you click links and purchase items, in most cases I receive referral commission.

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I can personally recommend John O’Reilly as an instructor for this method to anyone serious about learning to become a professional Livestream Event Producer.

By purchasing all available levels of O’Reilly’s training (basic plus 3 upsells), your overall cost still will NOT even come anywhere close to what a college course will cost you today, never mind a university course.

And, you will even get to learn how to use free versions of software until YOU see a profit.

This training is perfect for those who are seriously looking for a way to help their local business owners and be able to make money for themselves too.

You will be providing business owners with a remote virtual sales event, making you the producer and remember taht your clients will be the ones in front of the camera, not you.

This makes it so that even introverts like me can do this!

The training includes the following:

  • basic training – $17 US funds
  • done with you livestream – $127 US funds
  • 30 days email coaching – $67 US funds
  • partner up with O’Reilly to sell Go Live Sales Stream – $97 US funds

And, in case you’re wondering why you would even want to sell Go Live Sales Stream, think about this… what if you could simply sell this method to a business owner who may already have someone on staff who could easily learn to be a Livestream Event Producer?

Selling the method to those business owners too, could help you make a profit sooner.

The basic training consists of the following:

  • 5 over-the-shoulder video modules
  • the script he uses when contacting business owners
  • 1 live training call
  • private Facebook support group
  • 7 days of email support
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In Module One, O’Reilly talks about the break through of The Rainmaker model, along with a link to the lives streaming software you will be using.

Two videos are provided; one video discusses the software using a free version, and the second video he talks about the paid version.

In Module Two, In the video, O’Reilly shows you how to setup a free graphic account at his favourite site to use. A link to the site is also provided.

In Module Three, O’Reilly tells you how to find and identify the perfect client.

He shows you where they are and what criteria they MUST meet in order to become your client. And he talks about the do’s and don’ts of any livestream.

In Module Four, O’Reilly tells you how to use what he calls the hook, and how your clients will be able to sell products during a live event. A PDF formatted document with the script he uses when reaching out to business owners, is also provide.

In Module Five, O’Reilly discusses the type of equipment you will be using to go live. No need for you to fret because you most likely have this already.

Even if you can only afford the basic course at the start, you will find links to the other 3 upsells inside O’Reilly’s basic training or download page.

For a sneak peak inside the basic training, below is my video reviewing John O’Reilly’s Go Live Sales Stream.

I do hope this training excites you (for what you can do for business owners) as much as it did me.

O’Reilly’s honesty and fair practice of sharing what he has learned doing this for his own clients makes this offer perfect for those seriously wanting to find ways of helping local businesses survive and even thrive in such uncertain, economical times such as we have now found ourselves in.

Should you have any questions regarding livestream event producer or Go Live Sales Stream, I do hope that you will leave them below in a comment.

My aim in freely offering this quality of information is to help you know a good offer from a mediocre offer from a great offer.

And Go Live Sales Stream is definitely a GREAT offer!

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