July 8, 2018

How Photographers Can Really Make Money

black and white photo of a man on a mountain top taking a photo with his Smart phone

If you love taking pictures, and you would like to work from anywhere in the world, working whatever hours you want to, while doing something that you enjoy doing… then you need to know how photographers can really make money.

By the way, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to profit from this opportunity either.

Just so long as you can take a photograph from anywhere in the world you choose to travel or wherever you live, this can work for you too.

Many people have success stories to share about how they earn money from the photographs they took, so I don’t need to bother you with those stories here. You can learn about some of those stories when you visit the link below.

Some people have even claimed they were able to quit their j-o-b, and literally travel the world. They have even made claims that they are so much happier now because of their decision to act on this information I’m sharing with you here.

And, their favourite part of this opportunity is that they didn’t even have to find customers, as buyers literally come to them.

You too can learn how to have buyers come to you… and even pay you for your images.

Some say that selling images is a five billion dollar market according to BBC research.

If you are an average type of entrepreneur, you may even have already tried and failed at making money selling your photos. If so, this can help you turn things around.

Please note that I receive compensation if you use my links here, and eventually I may earn enough to buy a couple cups of coffee. Oh… and there is a bonus offer at the very end of this article for those who stick around until the end.

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Knowing that there are many new websites being created daily, along with the many existing websites, both types of which need images on a regular basis… and, knowing that website owners cannot legally use just any image they find on Google…


That is, not without suffering the consequences for infringing on someone’s copyrights, which is known as the digital millennium copyright act (DMCA).

Should any website owner ever so much as copy another person’s image without receiving expressed permission (I would like that in writing please), they will be open to a lawsuit, and believe me, lawsuits for this type of infringement DO exist… and they are very COSTLY!

Yes, there are some sites with images available now offering “freedom of usage”, but those same images will soon be appearing on so many other websites that a webmaster’s site would lose their advantage (being unique) by using such images for any length of time.

This is where the opportunity I am about to share with you comes into play.

Think about all those who are searching for images every day. There are students, teachers, website owners, advertisers, print editor… you name it!

Now perhaps, I have your attention?

Are ready to learn how to sell your pictures to all those people?

Even if you have enjoyed taking photographs but you doubt anyone would ever want to purchase them, you really do need to pay attention to this offer. And, maybe you are even saying to yourself that you are not a professional photographer… and maybe you don’t own an expensive camera either.

So what?

There really is a way for you to get a tiny slice of that FIVE billion dollars that others are spending on digital images.

You don’t need an expensive DLR camera either. Just about any Smart camera willlady holding a Smart phone with images that appear to be coming out of it do the job for you. Then you will simply be submitting your photos online.

Then, someone comes along and downloads your image for their project… and they pay you for it.

That’s all there is to this!

Some photographers have been able to quit their full time job simply because they have learned how to make money as a professional photographer, working when they want and even where they want. The amount of money that you can make doing this is only limited by YOU yourself.

NOTE: Should you decide to travel and while doing so, you take many photographs all along your trip, and then you submit all of those images; you may even be able to write off your trip as an expense! Though, please do speak with your tax specialist before you travel, just to be sure that what I’m saying works for you in your country.

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Let’s say that only 5 of your digital images are downloaded, let’s say, three times a week… and those images sell for, let’s say, $2 each… that’s $30 a week you will make, week after week.

No cold calling customers, no advertising expenses, nothing. Your customers will come to you.

Thirty dollars a week may not sound all that impressive, but you don’t need to stop there. You could have 50 digital images offered for sale, or even 500 photographs! There is no limit to the number of images that you can submit.

If you have digital photographs on your computer right now… maybe even photos you have forgotten about, why not seriously consider submitting those now so you can start earning money straight away?

But, if you want to learn the easiest and fastest method of making money from the pictures you have already taken, then you will want to check out the fool-proof offer linked below.

I can assure you that this is a Clickbank product, and it is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with any Clickbank product that you purchase, all you need to do is let them know and they will make things right for you.

From my understanding, this opportunity will only be online for short while.

Complete, Fool-Proof System

This system includes the following:

  • learn to autopilot profits for your images
  • gain admission to a hidden digital market
  • learn professional secrets to creating eye-catching pictures to maximize your earnings
  • gain access to eager buyers looking for specific images
  • learn how to earn top dollar from your photos
  • learn who the high bidders for certain images are, and where to find them
  • get access to case studies to learn and profit from
  • learn which images earn money, and how to duplicate that success
  • and, you have a 60 day money back guarantee ta’boot!

PLUS, you will get instant access to their members area where you can submit your images so that within minutes of uploading your photographs, you could have money in your account!

Even More Included

  1. Photo tutorials and guides to learn how to get more downloads (make more money).
  2. Photoshop mastery video series to teach you how to touch up and add amazing effects to your photos so they will attract even more buyers faster.
  3. A blogging cash formula that will show you step-by-step how to combine your photography business with a money making blog to boost your profits.
  4. Get a blueprint to start your own, highly profitable, online advertising business using Google Adwords.
  5. Get a guide to building and publishing your very own, profit making, iPhone APP, bringing your ideas to life, and get paid for them.
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This is EVERYTHING you need to start making money right now! You will be able to work full time or part time… you decide.

Knowing how photographers can really make money can make all the difference in the world when it comes to profiting from the fruits of you labour.

Now, here’s that bonus offer I mentioned earlier: Phone Photography Tricks! This just might add a little spice to some (if not all) of your photos that could make them become very popular.

Photographers can make money - here's how

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