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October 14, 2019

What is a Magician and Should You Learn to Become One?

image of a man dressed and acting like a magician, with

What is a magician; the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a magician as: “one skilled in magic: one who performs tricks of illusion and sleight of hand”.

There are two kinds of magicians; and amateur with a minimal amount of training when it comes to performing magical tricks, and a professional magician, a person who makes practicing and performing magic as their trade and they make a real living doing so. Continue reading

September 9, 2019

Make Money by Providing Computer Laptop Repair Services

You can make good money as a computer doctor

Imagine all of those technically challenged computer users out there, all around you. Making money by providing quality computer laptop repair services would be a great way to earn a living. Plus, no more need for commuting to work in all kinds of weather. You would be free to schedule your own work day schedule too. Continue reading

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