Start Your Own Henna Tattoo Salon – Temporary Tattoos Are All the Rage!

Whether you want to start your own henna tattoo salon, add temporary tattoos to your tattoo parlour or simply make your own temporary tattoos, you will find this post most helpful in making your decision.

First off, let’s explore what henna tattoos are.

These are tattoos that you make with a henna dye which has been extracted from the henna plant. These tattoos most often are made from henna powder that has been mixed with other ingredients, like tea.

Pure henna is said to be perfectly safe for your skin, and in fact one of the safest things you can put on your skin. According to, reactions are very unusual.

What is Henna?

According to Wikipedia, henna or mehndi is a dye that is prepared from the henna tree, the mignonette tree and the Egyptian privet, which apparently are the sole species of the genus Lawsonia.

Henna will not stain skin until the lawsone molecules are made available (released) from the henna leaves. However, dried henna leaves will stain the skin if they are mashed into a paste.

The lawsone will gradually migrate from the henna paste into the outer layer of the skin and bind to the proteins in it, creating a stain.

Are Henna Tattoos Painful?

To answer this question, I have provided you with a video with 2 different users talking about how their henna tattoos feel while being applied.

As Monica Patel states in her video above; how long these tattoos last depend on how often you wash the area with the mehndi henna body art has been applied.

And so that you are clear on this, that’s henna, mehndi, mehendi, mendhi, which are all the same thing, however you want to spell it.

WARNING: you need to be sure to AVOID using black henna because it contains paraphenylenediamine (PPD), a hair dye. The following video will provide you with further details.

Henna is the same, no matter what colour of skin it is used on. But it could blend into some skin tones faster then others.

Learn the Art Form of Henna Tattoos

Yes, this is a practiced form of art, but you can easily learn to create cute henna tattoo designs be it for your customers or when making your own temporary tattoos on yourself, friends or family members.

For those who would like to have help in not only creating your own unique designs, but also receiving advise from start to finish in making money with temporary henna tattoos, there is a great online course available (my affiliate link).

In this online course you will be shown how to:

  • Prepare and apply henna using professional standards
  • Attract paying customers over and over again
  • Make perfect henna mixture – including Heather’s tips and tricks of this trade
  • Make henna cones – also comes with Heather’s tips and trick of this trade
  • Construct henna patterns properly

Heather also teaches you which customers and markets you should target besides the well known, wedding market, and how to do this.

The modules in this course are as follows:

  1. Understanding the different types of henna
  2. The essential tools and equipment of a henna artist
  3. How to make your own professional standard henna
  4. How to make henna cone that actually work
  5. Understanding the strategy of creating a henna pattern
  6. Using the strategy to create your first henna strip
  7. Understanding the application of bridal henna
  8. Understanding the application of glitters and gem stones
  9. Aftercare for henna
  10. How to make money as a henna artist
  11. Who your customers are
  12. How you can get customers
  13. Conclusion

Apparently, each module is combined with a mixture of text and specially prepared training videos like the example on her loading page (you can click on the image below, then scroll down her loading page to view the video referred to. And, this link is my affiliate link.)

Each module is password protected and once you purchase Heather’s course, you will be provided with yours, along with your receipt.

With her online henna / mehndi course (my affiliate link) costing you only $29 US funds, you could potentially recoup that cost with your very first customer.

Plus, you could use the cost of this course as a tax write off, providing it helps you establish or expand on your business.

This art form could become your lifelong dream business, which is presently in high demand. Though this is NOT a get rich quick scheme, by following Heather’s advice, you could be enjoying your temporary tattooing skills for years to come.

No matter what business you decide to start with, your success all depends on your learning the necessary skills, applying what you learn and following the advice you are given within any training that you sign up for.

Deviating from what you are taught could cause a delay in your success.

Henna tattooing is truly a beautiful art that definitely requires work and dedication for anyone wanting to do this as a business.

If this proves to be your passion, with Heather’s pearls of wisdom, the world could be your oyster.

Sources for Henna Supplies

As for where you can purchase your first henna tattoo supplies, you can find them available from Amazon (my affiliate link), Beachcombers Bazaar & Henna Supply (image shown below), and Walmart, along with many smaller suppliers that may be local to your location.

Professional Salon Spa Henna Tattoo Kit: Start Your Own Henna Business
Available from Beachcombers Bazaar & Henna Supply

I do hope you have found this post to provide you with the necessary information you need in making your decision whether to start your own henna tattoo salon or learn henna tattooing in creating your own temporary tattoos.

Should you have any questions regarding starting your own henna tattoo salon, please your question(s) in a comment below. Once I have replied, you will be notified by email.


Credit for Header: image by Image by RFRF from Pixabay

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