Agency Client Finder 💥 Does it Get Local Leads that Close? 5/5 ⭐

Matt Garrett is the vendor of Agency Client Finder, and he asks you if you are looking for unlimited qualified small business leads.

If you are, he says to just pick your niche and your location and put Agency Client Finder to work for your business today.

Matt claims that if you run and agency or provide services to local businesses then you need qualified leads, easy to close and quick to complete.

He says that he’s bets you’ve heard some gurus say that it’s a numbers game and that you should reach out to more prospects and you’ll close more deals.

Matt explains that yes, that’s true… but only IF you have a lot of “free” time to waste.

He says that it’s time to stop “shooting in the dark.”

It is not an effective lead generation strategy… in fact it actually makes it harder to close deals.

Matt states that instead, make life easier and make more profits with prospecting that works.

He goes on to say that you need to:

  • Target your leads
  • Match prospects needs
  • Provide real value upfront

Matt explains that this lets you re-frame your cold sales pitch into an authority driven offer to help the prospect solve a real problem they have.

He says that Agency Client Finder finds targeted leads based on your niche and location choices, and then lets you qualify those leads by analyzing their needs and showing you just the prospects you can easily deliver valuable services to.

And, Matt continues with, it helps you:

  • create a report tailored to individual prospects using tests to
  • identify what they need help with right now, and
  • deliver that report to them,
  • track when to follow up and
  • automate your daily process.

He says it’s time to stop using pointless random prospecting approaches that just waste your time, and instead, start closing deals the easy way by delivering value and authority upfront, and letting your prospects reach out to you.

My review of Agency Client Finder by Matt Garrett will cover the following:

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What is Agency Client Finder?

screen print from Agency Client Finder landing page

Program Name: Agency Client Finder

Website: (my affiliate link)

Price: $77 US funds for the PRO version and $97 US funds for the Ads version (best value for money), Plus 2 upsells

Recommended? YES


Matt Garrett continues by giving you a quick run through as to how Agency Client Finder will do all of the work for you.

On camera, using his online Agency Client Finder analyzer software on how to use the Add Places Date API.

Matt then shows you how to:

  • selecting the country of your choice,
  • the data source which defaults to Google, and then you
  • define an area by typing in the area of your choice, then
  • press the Click To Find Search Area, which then populates the next drop down box so that you can
  • select your town or city,
  • he skips the postcode area in his demo, then
  • types in business type, then press the
  • Click To Import Places button
1st screen print from Agency Client Finder landing page video

And, the software will then goes out and finds those plumbers for Matt.

Once that happens, a button titled Click To Add Places appears and he clicked on that and it gave him a dashboard list of plumbing businesses.

2nd screen print from Agency Client Finder landing page video

From here, Matt then shows you how and why you can filter, by clicking on the Click To Clean Invalid Websites (green button, top left of the list), this way you can keep only those who have a website, as that is the type of businesses he is looking for.

He then goes on to demonstrate how you can then define each of those businesses by finding more details about those businesses, at the touch of a button.

Matt then selects one business to do a more in-depth analysis, where you can get the same information that is in the spreadsheet, but in a better, display view, so that you can see exactly what you have and have not got in the way of information on that one business.

From here, he shows you how at the touch of four different buttons, you can get even MORE information on this business, such as:

  • Performance,
  • SEO,
  • Accessibility, and
  • links

Once that is done you can click to discover the Link Data on the business, as well as obtaining a Mobile Friendly Screenshot.

3rd screen print from Agency Client Finder landing page video

Then once you have all of the information that you want, you can turn this into a report by clicking on the Build Customer Report button (shown in the screen print above), which takes you to another screen…

…where you can decide what you want and don’t want in the Customer Report, with one click to remove one item at a time.

4th screen print from Agency Client Finder landing page video

Matt then clicks a button at the bottom of that screen, titled Generate Report (as shown in the screen print above), and then the image of that report will appear in the top, right corner of the initial analysis of the business (as shown in the screen print below).

5th screen print from Agency Client Finder landing page video

Matt explains that now we’ve got everything done, and you will know exactly what needs to be done and that you will need to talk about, so now you can go and contact the customer.

From here, under the navigation bar Campaigns, he selects Campaign Manager, which takes you to another spreadsheet, which lists a campaign for each of the businesses that were originally selected to keep.

From here, Matt clicks on the Manage Emails button (top right of the spreadsheet, shown in the screen print below), where you will find a series of four different email templates, where all you need to do is put in the Business Type, which in Matt’s example, is plumbing.

Doing this will populate the email templates with the details of that particular business.

Then Matt scrolls to the bottom of the templates, explaining that you will need to click on the Save Your Emails button, then back to the top, left and under Campaign Status, select Active from the drop-down options.

Once you do that, you will see a screen view appear under the Active status, which shows you what the email will look like.

The image of the Customer Report will appear at the top of that email to go out.

From here, Matt explains that you can also edit the email templates if you wish.

At the bottom of the email, he shows you the button that the emailed business will see that is titled “Click To Book A Free Strategy Call,” and below the button appears “or reply to this email,” along with your telephone number.

Matt then explains that this is the object of this particular email.

He then takes you back to the previous spreadsheet where you will look for that business that you were working on:

  • find the “Email Status” cell, and
  • click it from “Off” to “On”,
  • then over to the “Send” column and
  • click the “Send” button for that business to send the email, which
  • then changes the “Action Required” cell from displaying the red “yes” button to display the green “no” button.
6th screen print from Agency Client Finder landing page video

Matt then explains that once you’ve completed that, this spreadsheet will NOT let you send out another email for 48 hours so that you send out these emails in a sensible sequence.

He suggests that you come into your Campaign Manager every day and go through all of the Action Required.

Matt moves to the first email example that you’ve mailed out to your client, where he then clicks on the “Click To Book A Free Strategy Call” button, while explaining that you can connect any calendar to that button so that your customers can book their own strategy call, and you can actually engage with your customer.

He then tells you that this is by no means a complete run through and that he has simply covered the main areas to give you an overview.

Matt says that hopefully by now you can see how valuable Agency Client Finder will be to your business.

He then repeats that you should stop “shooting in the dark”…use Agency Client Finder to laser target your prospects today.

Matt says to analyze prospects to match their REAL needs, and then deliver tailored upfront value and build authority with genuine help, and have a daily prospecting process that takes minutes NOT hours.

He goes on to say that in other words Agency Client Finder can help you close more deals quicker and with less effort.

Matt explains that with their money back guarantee, you can take Agency Client Finder for a spin for 30-days and if you are not completely happy you can get your money back, no questions or hard feelings.

Now the massive launch discount is LIMITED.

Matt explains that they are doing it for a very specific reason, and the price will be going up to $397 US funds, once the launch is over.

He says they are doing this because they’re looking for feedback and testimonials from new members.

Matt flat out states that the discount is their bribe to you in return for your feedback, suggestions, and testimonial once you’ve had a chance to put Agency Client Finder into action in your business, and you get full agency license with 3 users included during the launch.

If it’s time you dramatically improve your prospect targeting, analysis, outreach and close rate, now you can with Agency Client Finder, your dashboard to get qualified leads that are easy to close and quick to complete.

Matt says that he looks forward to seeing you on the inside.

How Agency Client Finder Actually Works

screen print of Agency Client Finder app

From inside the Agency Client Finder app, you will need to go to the Campaigns > Add Global Places Data Local (New -All Countries), and start filling in all of the necessary fields, in order to get started.

It would be better still if you have full access to the Tutorials inside the app.

Because I purchased the first upsell for Services & Tutorials ($37 US funds), I am provided with access to the Tutorials. This, I believe to be a “must-have” if you want to gain the most out of this app.

Gaining my access, Tony Marriott provided me with a suggestion of starting with the Tutorials > ACF Tutorials, in order to know the proper steps to be taken.

In the training, you will find the following videos that Tony has created to guide your use of Agency Client Finder app:

  • Overview (17:32 minutes)
    • a 7-page PDF guide
  • Process Flow (16:51 minutes)
  • Add Global Places & Analyze Using The Dashboard. Start Here (13:42 minutes)
  • Add Places Local. Please Use Add Global Places (above). This will be removed in the future. (07:27 minutes)
  • Add CSV Places (05:44 minutes)
    • 7-page PDF guide with screenshots
    • Demo Import Minimum – a csv file
    • Demo Import Full (04:19 minutes)
  • Dashboard (15:06 minutes)
  • Open View video 1 (04:14 minutes)
    • Video 2 (16:13 minutes)
  • Customer Report (04:38 minutes)
  • Gmail Settings (04:31 minutes)
  • SMTP Settings (07:15 minutes)
  • Booking System Settings (09:30 minutes)
  • Email Manager (14:15 minutes)
  • Campaign Manager (10:20 minutes)
  • Online Ads Analyzer (09:10 minutes)
  • Get Google Data The Easy Way (04:19) – NO API REQUIRED!
  • API Keys (05:57 minutes)


The training is very well done and you are provided guidance in every step you will need to take to make this work wonders.

Even if you do find ANYTHING wrong or missing in the training and/or software, Matt has clearly stated that he insists that you report your findings and this will be fixed.


As I have stated in previous reviews, I prefer to have video training that I can actually download, so that I will have the videos to refer to without having to go back into the training, when working in the app itself. Perhaps this will be an improvement in Agency Client Finder once it is perfected.

My Take on Agency Client Finder

thumb pointing up in approval

Agency Client Finder, does it get local leads that close?

Yes, I believe this software will work as promised by Matt Garrett and Tony Marriott, and that even a newbie who is willing to do the required work, could easily make use of this software by helping local businesses in their area.

Below you will find my video review of Agency Client Finder by Matt Garrett

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Matt Garrett has never ceased to amaze me with his products, and as usual, he has over delivered on this one too.

This will be a very helpful software that many introverts who do not like cold calling potential clients can work with in providing the many necessary services in order to help their local businesses.

Should you have any question(s) regarding does Agency Client Finder get local leads that close, please leave them in a comment below so that we may discuss this topic further.

Software that Delivers,

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