Want more leads?

What is a lead generator, you ask….

As defined by Wikipedia “In marketing, lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into a product or service of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads.”

Every business needs a lead generation strategy. If you check out your competition, I’ll bet you will see some of the ways their generating leads. So, if you are new to online marketing, then you can easily increase traffic to your website to generate leads. Example: an authentic press release.

Lead generation services is every bit as important to a business as closing a sale. No business can effectively hope to close a deal without first generating qualified leads. Lead generation is a process that goes hand-in-hand with selling in order to achieve financial success in EVERY business.

Many ‘old school’ techniques for generating leads still work today, I will grant you that. However there are many newer methods enabling a business owner to focus on offering the right products and services to the right potential customers.

The marketplace today is undergoing a considerable amount of change as it adjusts to the introduction of the various online marketing tools. While many businesses still prefer the traditional methods for lead generation (example: customer referrals), recent trends show a rapid change in the way a buyer now selects a professional service or product. If your business ignores these changes you do so at your own peril.

As a business owner, you need to identify your target (or ideal) customer. Then discover the challenges and concerns they face, where they turn to for help, and what their expectations and questions are. This will help you know where to focus your attention.

To actually qualify leads, you’ll need to know their budget, the frustrations they may have with their present provider, their idea of value, or their need for a specialized service. Once you’ve done that, consider what type of information they might be interested in that would set them up to be your customer in the future, then offer your information as a possible solution.

It’s not about YOUR need for more conversions

Establish trust and build a rapport by focusing on your audience and THEIR needs for YOUR solution. It’s all about meeting the needs of others who are looking to accomplish specific solutions. Focus on this one aspect and you will be well no your way to profiting … gaining even more leads through word-of-mouth!

Data-collecting tools can also make your lead generation easier.

9 most common ways to generate leads for your business

  1. Directly connecting with your leads. Examples: using chat APPs on your website, forums you create that discuss your business topic, and help centers where customer service reps can be made available to ensure each question is handled the way YOU want.

  2. Share helpful information in online communities that solves your common customer’s problems. Become well known for being helpful. Example: Quora

  3. Use social media like; Facebook fan page, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Be sure to be helpful to your fans, friends, and followers. Do NOT continually “shove” your business offerings at them. Inspire them!

  4. Create (and OPTIMIZE) informative content on your website (a blog!) for your potential customers. Visually pleasing and helpful content easily gets shared on social media.

  5. Make sure to personalize your email responses. You’re a human (not a robot) and you are emailing another human not a computer.

  6. Create an attractive email signature. Embed a link that when clicked, redirects the reader to relevant content. Be sure your signature works fine on all of the different platforms.

  7. Comment regularly on other’s blogs. In this way, others will learn of your existence and may help you if you help them. Being generous to other bloggers may get your information shared more readily.

  8. Create and share videos on YouTube. They have over a billion users! Watch time on YouTube has increased 50% year over year for three straight years, according to YouTube statistics.

  9. Offer a lead magnet, like a training video, free ebook, webinars, free trials, free samples, etc.

If this seems too daunting a task to take on, you might consider hiring someone to do your lead generation services for you. Look for “local lead generation services” to find your best choices of services to pick on from.

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