July 26, 2016

Secretarial & Typing Work From Home

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Whether you want to protect yourself from your company’s downsizing or you’re a stay-at-home mother wanting to earn a little money … YOU can start your very own secretarial and typing work from home. Just remember that starting a home-based business while you’re still employed is the smartest way to go.

You truly can turn your typing skills into a very profitable business. This product is called “Secretarial Business-In-A-Box”, making it easier to start your own business making money from your home.

Nancy Ruben from North Augusta, SC USA claims “It was such a relief to find some REAL help.” Saying the system is going to be so useful for her.

Leva Duell states that you can make $30 to $50 an hour with your computer, turning your typing skills into a lucrative business; that you can set your own hours, working as much or as little as YOU want ; and work for WHO YOU want.

All you need to get started, according to Leva, is a computer, a printer, a telephone, a ream of paper and some business cards. Leva claims that you can start a secretarial business even if you don’t have ANY money, and that she’ll show you how YOU CAN do that!

Leva says that Secretarial Business-In-A-Box will teach you how to “attract clients like a magnet” with marketing strategies that will have you able to charge $30 to $50 an hour or more.

This IS a legitimate business offering typing (or keyboarding), data entry, and other administrative type services businesses, organizations and individual business owners are “crying” for.

If you arrived to my website via this post, you might want to read over my review of Leva’s product.

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Lynne Templeman from Edinburgh, England By Typing_example.ogv:  NotFromUtrecht  derivative work: Parzi [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) or GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], via Wikimedia Commonssays that Secretarial Business-In-A-Box “answered so many of my questions!” She claims that she cannot begin to explain how much this program has helped her so far. Having read the materials, she’s now very excited and motivated to get started.

Secretarial Business-In-A-Box will show you how to avoid typing scams … you know … the ones that promise typing work at home then charge you LOTS of money and you get zero in return. The ads read something like this: “Make $500 a Week Typing at Home, Make $3000 a Month from Home with Your Computer, Earn Cash as a Home Typist, Home Typing Jobs, Home Typists Wanted”.

What those ads gain you is a list of addresses and telephone numbers in your state. Apparently, many of the companies on their lists are not even aware of this scam.

Secretarial Business-In-A-Box is NOT a quick-rich scheme!

Charlene Torchia says that this guide is the best investment she has made for the start-up of her own secretarial and typing work from home business.

This guide makes NO promises, offers NO typing jobs and doesn’t offer a list of people who might provide you with work.

Secretarial Business-In-A-Box will show you how you can start your own secretarial and typing work from home business by sharing with you how to get your very own clients. Apparently, it’s very easy once you know how. Once you’ve gained a client and proven yourself as a good typist, your clients will most likely stay with you. With this guide, you’ll receive marketing tools and a solid step-by-step plan.

Everything you’ll need to get your business started

Secretarial Business-In-A-Box is a start-up kit that will provide you with information, templates and promotional materials, making it easy for you to start your own secretarial business … and to grow your business fast.

The guide includes how to:

  • register and license your business
  • gain clients and who the most profitable clients
  • market your secretarial services in record time – the best advertising methods
  • charge for your services

The guide includes:
By User Gflores on en.wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

  • 7 pre-written letters
  • 16 ready-to-use postcards – proven to win you client
  • forms and agreements you’ll need to operate your business
  • resources to help you find the best equipment and supplies (though little supplies needed to get started)

Sharon Graves from Orange County, CA USA says that the guide offers vital suggestions for becoming a success and that it is very thorough and in the order of importance. She continued with, “Another very important aspect of the business that Leva goes over very well is pricing and how to get paid for your work. This was very hard for me. I was having so much fun and felt guilty for charging a fee. I would have really undersold myself and thus lost my business if I hadn’t read and followed Leva’s guidelines on pricing.” And that “I have gotten several clients just on the fact that they like my flier.”

Go ahead and read even MORE testimonials for Leva’s guide.

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Save yourself a lot of headaches starting up your own secretarial and typing business. Leva freely shares with you some of the agony with the mistakes she made and the problems she went through learning the hard way.

No need for YOU to waste time…

Leva can help you get started in the shortest time possible; becoming a success without repeating her mistakes. You can discover Leva’s secret to being successful with your very own secretarial business today!
By Eunix (http://www.flickr.com/photos/eunix/2954658325) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
Knowing how to market your business, how to gain clients, how to get good paying clients, and being supplied with marketing materials and strategies that are proven to work is the easiest way to start your successful business.

Copying what successful entrepreneurs are doing will dramatically improve your profits. Simply following the powerful strategies offered in this guide and avoid months … even years of costly trial and errors of going it alone. Save time and money and grow your business in record time.

This is a 100% satisfaction guarantee offer or YOUR money back!

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