July 29, 2016

Magician for Hire

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Learning how to do card tricks can be very rewarding. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to this art or you have been doing it for years … there’s always more you can discover. Scott Harker wants to show you new tricks and techniques that you can use to make your performances better.

The first secret of doing magic (as in most things) is that practice is key to your success.

The next secret is to be entertaining … be it for children or adults. A lot of what goes on with card tricks simply has to do with illusion and misdirection.

It’s very hard to create illusion if you have a boring presentation

Hide yourself behind the magic and then just let yourself go. Being lively and fun is a great way to distract your audience while still looking credible. A little chatter and a few “stunts” will make your card tricks even better.

Scott says that another thing you’ll learn is that shuffling techniques can take your routine to the next level.

He says that it’s one thing to do a card trick, it’s quite another to integrate creative shuffling in the mix. Great shuffling techniques will add a layer of complexity to your show while being very easy to add. And you’ll find that it’sBy Greggcd (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons quite easy to “pull the wool over” your participant’s eyes when you use his shuffling tricks.

There are many different card tricks you can learn

You’ll find some free card tricks offered below for you to try out. These free tricks will definitely help get you started, or will add to your current collection of successful ideas.

Of course, you will eventually want to move beyond the few magic tricks offered here.

Scott offers many great resources that can really give you even more card tricks, magic tricks and bending of reality information that you could ever need or ask for.

Please note that I receive compensation if you use my links here, and eventually I may earn enough to buy a couple cups of coffee.

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By the way, eBay is one such place where you can search for new and used card tricks and other magic gear. Many people start doing tricks as a hobby and then find that they’re too busy, so they usually end up selling their magic stuff. Their loss can be your gain.

Knowledge is power and action is reality

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter where you end up compiling your information about how to do card tricks. The important part is that you take action on what you have learned. From shuffling to different tricks to various resources, Scott wants to get you trained so you can start your magician for hire business.

Now … for the FREE card tricks I promised to share with you.

Easy magic tricks using bills

Using sleight of hand, misdirection and illusion skills you can perform simple magic tricks with dollar bills. Some tricks require gimmicks from the magic store, others just require a bit of practice. Try the following dollar bill tricks:By Henry Ridgely Evans [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

1. The Disappearing Dollar: The magician holds three bills of the same value in his hand for the audience to see. One will magically disappear.

Prepare a bill before the trick by folding it over two thirds across. With a second bill, place it over the fold, hiding the crease, but making it look like there are three bills in your hands.

In front of the audience, say that you are going to make the money disappear and show the two bills (which look like three) to the audience.

Hold the top of the dollar bills between your thumb and forefinger and shake them so as the folded bill unfolds. The illusion of three bills becoming two is complete!

2. Magic Money: This works on pure trickery!

Get an audience member to lend you 20 dollar bill to put in a matchbox.

Show the audience that you will also put $20 in the matchbox.

Now tell that same member that you will sell them the matchbox for $30 … a bargain, right? They pay $30 to get $40 … they win!

Or do they?

You get $30 for a $20 outlay and the volunteer has actually paid $50 (first $20 plus the $30 for the box) for the $40 in the box.

Time for you to go!

3. Jumping Paperclips: You will need a bill and two paper clips. This trick is where you attach paperclips to a dollar bill that are link together and jump from the bill.

Curve the bill into an “S” shape. Place the paperclips over the top of the “S” to close it. You place one paper clip over the top loop of the “S” and the other paperclip closing the bottom loop of the “S”.

Now slowly pull the ends of the bill. This will make the clips slide towards the center of the bill, and when they meet they will link up and jump off the bill!

Other easy money tricks that you can investigate further are ones like the Pen through the Dollar Trick and the Folding Paper Bill Trick. Imagine how surprised your audience will be when you ask for a $20 or $50 bill and place a pen directly through the center of the bill? And they will be even more surprised when you remove the pen … and guess what? There is no hole or mark of any sort left on the bill.
See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The self-folding dollar bill is another popular trick used by magicians. Take a dollar bill from your pocket and lay it across your palm. Suddenly it begins to move and then fold over! The bill creases over all by itself. The levitating dollar will get the same results. Imagine your audiences’ reaction when they see a bill mysteriously lift off your palm.

These bill tricks are special tricks you can purchase from most magic stores. Many more tricks than these are available. Be sure to choose only the ones that appeal to you most.

The magic tricks that are included with Scott’s package are books filled with many different kinds of tricks. Scott’s collection of magic tricks include:
The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks,
Howard Thurston’s Card Tricks,
David Blaine’s Magic Tricks Explained,
Magic Tricks Using Everyday Objects
… and a whole LOT more!

Once you have learned a few tricks, the next step is learning how to put on a show. This can be a few minutes at your next family picnic or a major staged presentation. Scott has included 2 books that will help you plan and prepare for putting on a show for you magician for hire business.

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What you can learn…

  • advice on buying or making your own props
  • handkerchief tricks
  • By Karl af Geijerstam (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

  • box tricks
  • paper and rope tricks
  • how to “set the stage”
  • the type of costumes and makeup to use
  • selecting equipment to use
  • how to find “gigs”
  • preparing promotional materials
  • handling the media and advertising
  • if you need an assistant

…and, much, much more!

Scott is tossing in some extra BONUSES!

He says that knowing how to use body language to sway an audience … as well as being able to READ other people’s body language is a definite asset. So, he has including 2 books on body language that comes with his package!

Another BONUS is Standup Comedy: The Secret To Becoming a Successful Comedian to teach you methods of adding comedy to your magic routine.

All this … AND … a 100% satisfaction guarantee or YOUR money back!

You’ll be surprised to learn that magician for hire is truly a skill that is in demand!

Opportunities abound. Don’t believe me … go and try Google searching magician for hire … and see for yourself.

Wouldn’t it be great that this hobby you’ve decided to learn to only entertain your family could easily mushroom into a part-time business? Seriously, you could easily end up getting a call from a friend asking if you would do the same for their family … be it their kid’s birthday party or just a backyard party. More than likely they will even offer to pay you to do your magical tricks. Once the word gets out … look out … your magician for hire business is well on the way to showing you a profit!

If you arrived to my website via this post, you might want to read over my review of Scott’s product.

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