November 6, 2016

Create a Landing Page FREE – Here’s How

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You’ve been told that your website needs a landing page and you have no idea what a landing page is much less how to build a landing page that converts lookers to buyers, right? Well then, let me start by explaining to you what a landing page is so you will be able to understand … and then you can easily learn to build a landing page in WordPress.

What is a Landing Page

The term “landing page” ( sometimes called a lead capture page) is defined as a web page that a visitor will land on that consists of a form and was created explicitly to capture that visitor’s information when they use the form.

Why do I Need a Landing Page

Generating new leads is what any business owner dreams of, right? Well, using a landing page can do that for you.

As Bree stated in the video above, landing pages remove all other distractions from this page, guiding your visitors to your call to action, making it so that you could capture leads at a much high rate than, say, sending visitors to your website home (or loading) page.

You could even go so far as to create several different landing pages, tracking the performances of each one until you find the one that works best for you. This seems to be the most recommended method when asking anyone “in the know”, how to build a landing page that converts.

A landing page is where you offer BIG value to your website visitors by giving away something relevant to YOUR business … and … valuable to your visitor(s), for FREE!

This will be your lead generator (or magnet, if you prefer), however this freebie MUST be relevant to your specific business.

So if you’re an electrician, your lead page might offer, say, 6 things you should know that will help you not get ripped-off when you have to hire an electrician.

This give-away you should offer must resolve a particular problem for those looking to find your business. For example, if you are a plumber you might offer 10 tips or easy solutions to preventing common issues that cause leaks in plumbing.

You will be offering this valuable information to your visitors for them sharing their name and email address with you.

Now that you know the “What” and the “Why” for landing pages, I would like to offer you several options at being able to create your very own landing pages … FREE! So, here goes:

WordPress users can use plugins . . .

How to Create a Stunning Landing Page on WordPress In 10 Minutes or Less

Elementor Page Builder plugin

WordPress Landing Pages (considered among the top 5 BEST landing page plugins)

Here are even MORE free WordPress landing page plugins you could try!

  1. Landing Page Landing Page plugin to create responsive Landing Pages or Coming Soon Pages easily in minutes.

  3. Landing pages Create a landing page or coming soon page and collect emails.

  5. WP Lead Plus Free Squeeze Page Creator/Lead Page Maker Create stunning squeeze pages, newsletter pages, lead pages, capture pages with ease. Simply point-click-edit and your squeeze page is ready in less t..

  7. Free Landing Pages Builder by Wishpond which claims their builder is easy and flexible to use. For fully details, please visit their site.

Then of course, there are premium WordPress themes that come WITH landing pages. In my humble opinion, if you are serious about making your business profitable a.s.a.p. … then a premium WordPress theme (like Thrive Themes) that comes packaged with a means of creating great landing page IS a MUST HAVE!

Ways You Can Improve Your Landing Page Conversions?

Use great copy … in other words, use verbiage that generates leads by understanding (and using) psychology to trigger your visitor’s emotions. To do this, you need to understand Heat Map Tracking, and the psychology behind the use of colour used to convert.

Removing all distractions from your landing pages, making it crystal clear what your call to action is every bit as important. By testing different styles of landing pages, you should be able to find the BEST one to use in generating leads for you business.

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